Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Diary of a Backpack Runner

What is a backpack runner?
I've always considered myself pretty composed. I think I manage stress well, I'm fairly low-maintenance. In college (or now back in high school), I always enjoyed watching a good backpack run. A girl or boy running from point A to point B with her backpack unzipped and flopping from side to side with each gawky stride. She usually leaves a trail of lose papers marking her path, all in an effort not to miss the bus or get to class before the tardy bell. I would wonder where she was going in such a frenzy, what did she forget? I want to tell her to just stop, recollect, and breathe. Everything will be just fine. Her face is flushed, her hair is frizzy and held up with a pencil because she clearly doesn't have time to grab a twisty. She doesn't have time to care what she looks like, she's on a momentary mission. She seems to be overly stressed, awkward and potentially lacking a social life. I yearn to ask her to sit down, have a cup of tea and tell her it's not all as bad as it seems. This is my account of my year as a backpack runner.

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