Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two things


Goodbye: Harrisonburg, Virginia. Fill up the growler at the Chop House for 8 bucks a pop. Farmer's Market. Run through Eastern Mennonite's 'Hillside.' Aimlessly walk through Wonder Records while he looks through the same box over, and over, and over. Tomato-Mozarella salad. Laying on the dock of Lake Phillipa, asking each other to confirm that that star just might be a UFO. There is a goodbye pending, and I may even feel a little sad.   

Passing through: Purcellville, Virginia. En route to Frederick, Maryland. I can imagine what this place might look like when it's not raining. I imagine the grass is much greener and the sky to be much bluer. This farm will be growing and feeding all of our loved ones at our wedding reception. If the food is as good as the people - we will be pleased. 

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